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TEAM Übersetzungen GmbH
Hauptstrasse 8, D 70563 Stuttgart
Phone +49 (0) 711 90131-0
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Work approach

Project Handling
For any product or key account, TEAM will appoint a group leader as your main contact for all aspects outlined below as well as the focal point between your company and all persons involved in a translation or localization project.

Quotes and Project Administration
Based on sample material provided by you, TEAM will deliver a project-specific quote that is tailored to your needs and schedules. TEAM will ensure that all your requirements are met and that all project components are returned at the requested date and time. During the course of a project, TEAM will provide current status information at any time.

Localization and Translation of Text Items
Using the CAT tool of your choice, TEAM will translate and adapt the text items of your project in accordance with the specifics of the local market and of your terminology and conventions.

Screen Capture and Graphics Localization
TEAM will create new screenshots of the localized software for the documentation, and/or will edit existing graphics to reflect the localized software.

Quality Control
Any translation provided by TEAM is proofread and edited by a senior editor to verify its linguistic, contextual, and technical correctness.

Desktop Publishing
TEAM will use your existing templates and layouts to insert and edit the translated text items and/or the localized screenshots/graphics and will modify them as required for the local market.

Formal File Verification
TEAM will virus-check each file delivered and will verify its compliance with the formal file requirements set by you.

Functionality and Usability Testing
On request, TEAM will provide persons to test the localized software or the translated items in-house (provided that the technical requirements can be met) or at any national or international location of your choice.