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TEAM Partners

All partners of TEAM Übersetzungen GmbH are qualified translators and are involved in day-to-day operations as main contacts responsible for a particular customer or project/product range.

Anne Bertram

Anne joined TEAM in November 1985 and soon became TEAM's main contact for Apple projects. She and her group cover the whole range of Apple iOS, Macintosh, and Mac OS products.

Gesa Petersen

Gesa joined TEAM in October 1988 and has been head of the IBM group for many years. She is TEAM’s specialist for IBM projects and database applications in general.

Petra Schmidt

Petra joined TEAM as a full-time employee in 1999 after she had been assisting TEAM as a freelancer for many years. Today she is responsible for the translation of Apple marketing materials.

Brigitte Steeb

Brigitte is a founding partner. Her main focus is translations in the marketing field, and she heads the Vaihinger Computerforum 50plus, a computer education service particularly geared towards elderly persons.

Holger Steeb

Holger is a founding member. As TEAM’s Managing Partner he is the person to contact with any company-related or project-independant request. As a translator, he specializes in digital printing and workflow technologies.